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"For Shellscapes, Environmental & Sustainable Landscaping is the practice of using multiple strategies to create an environmentally friendly and climate appropriate landscape. Our goal is to contribute to environmental protection by selecting environmentally responsible materials, reducing maintenance labor and waste, improving soil health, and creating beautiful habitats utilizing appropriate plant selection."

We believe environmental and sustainable landscaping for your home will help preserve local ecosystems; prevent air, water, and soil pollution and reduce long- term costs and cut down maintenance.  We incorporate numerous practices that address environmental issues related to the design, construction, implementation, and management of residential and commercial landscapes.

For all materials used in our landscape projects we consider if they locally sourced, environmentally responsible and if they produce waste or run-off. We help select plants that are native and well suited to each planting area but also low maintenance.  We assess existing plants, help preserve Native plant materials and replace more invasive species to help reduce your installation costs.

For each project we evaluate your landscape to ensure our design considers how it will respond to the local ecology, utilizing similar plants and mimicking local landforms. We want your landscape to thrive with available, natural resources, instead of having to spend extra on water or chemicals to be healthy and look good. We want your landscape to reflect what you, your family, and your neighborhood like best about your local environment.

Shellscapes can help you create an outdoor area that is both beautiful and eco-friendly

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