Increase Your Curb Appeal

With a natural sustainable crushed oyster shell driveway

Beautify your home and boost curb appeal with a sustainable crushed oyster shell driveway. Crushed seashells in landscaping add a unique and clean aesthetic to any property. A shell driveway is functional, and the illuminating glow from the naturally bleached shell creates a radiant entrance to any home.

Crushed oyster shell is 100% natural, durable, and can withstand years of use while always looking fresh. Unlike other mulching and hardscaping material, it doesn't lose its color over time. For footpaths, and driveways the more you use it, the more durable it becomes.

Oyster shell provides excellent drainage and prevents runoff and ruts on your driveway. Environmentally friendly and sustainable, oyster shell requires minimal processing. Over time, as the shells break down, nutrients are released into the surrounding soil providing nitrogen and at the same time acting as a natural pest and weed deterrent.

Shellscapes specializes in driveway installations helping homeowners create a functional and beautiful space.

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