Oyster Shell Supplier

Oyster Shell Supplier

Sustainable Crushed Oyster Shell

Product description

Our versatile Oystershell Aggregate is a perfect choice, catering to a wide range of projects and exceeding your expectations! From driveways to garden beds, walkways to patios, courtyards to fire pits, and bocce courts to flower beds, this aggregate is your one-stop solution.

Transform your driveways with ease! Our Oystershell Aggregate serves as an excellent base layer, providing exceptional compaction without the need for gravel sub-layers.

Embrace natural beauty in your garden beds and landscaping projects. Opt for larger shell fragments to create that desired appeal and add a touch of coastal charm to your outdoor oasis.

Our carefully selected shell size is perfect for beginner to intermediate players, ensuring a smooth playing surface and endless enjoyment.

Design picturesque walkways, small French courtyards, and captivating outdoor spaces with our premium shell fragments.

Our Oystershell Aggregate doubles as the ideal mulch, providing a clean and polished look to complement your greenery.

  • 1 cubic yard of the crushed shell is processed from 3-4 cubic yards of 100% whole oyster shell
  • Each yard weighs approximately 1,500 lbs, and covers 100 square foot area providing a 2-3” layering
  • The shell flour binds the shell fragments together allowing it to compact down and recalcify creating a hard and sturdy surface

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Application & Maintenance

Oyster shell, sun-bleached white in color, continues to break down over time making the ground cover more compact and level. One yard will cover approximately 100 square feet at 2-3" depth. 

When used on driveways, walkways, courtyards and patios we recommend a gravel base layer before the shell is installed. On application, the crushed oyster shell requires compaction allowing it to re-calcify making a hard, porous surface.

During and after compaction lightly spray the area with water.

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