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Product Options

Product Options

Our oyster shell is processed into four different grades, 3” minus, 3/4” minus, 3/8” minus and 3/4” clean to fit your landscaping and gardening needs:

3" minus: Is Ideal as a base layer for driveways prior to compaction when avoiding the use of a gravel sub-layer, or as mulch for garden beds when larger shell fragments are preferred.

3/4" minus: Is our most popular aggregate -  great for walkways, patios, driveways, courtyards and fire pits.

3/8" minus: Is ideal on bocce courts for beginner to intermediate players, or on walkways and small French courtyards when finer shell fragments are preferred.

3/4" clean : Is clean and best used as a mulch for veggie gardens or flower beds when seeking a clean finish and look


  • 1 cubic yard of the crushed shell is processed from 3-4 cubic yards of 100% whole oyster shell
  • Each yard weighs approximately 1,500 lbs, and covers 100 square foot area providing a 2-3” layering
  • The shell flour binds the shell fragments together allowing it to compact down and recalcify creating a hard and sturdy surface
Oyster Shell Material

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Application & Maintenance

Application & Maintenance

Oyster shell, sun-bleached white in color, continues to break down over time making the ground cover more compact and level. One yard will cover approximately 100 square feet at 2-3" depth. 

When used on driveways, walkways, courtyards and patios we recommend a gravel base layer before the shell is installed. On application, the crushed oyster shell requires compaction allowing it to re-calcify making a hard, porous surface.

During and after compaction lightly spray the area with water.

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