Crushed Oyster Shell

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Pacific NW Crushed Oyster Shell Supplier

Pacific NW Crushed Oyster Shell Supplier

Sustainable crushed oyster shell is a great alternative to gravel and can be used on pathways, driveways and many other hardscaping projects. 

At SHELLSCAPES, we believe that crushed oyster shell should be on your shortlist for decorating your paths and driveways.

As a locally owned and operated Pacific Northwest company we work with local, sustainable oyster farms to bring to you environmentally sustainable crushed oyster shell.

Concrete and Crushed Oyster Shell Walkway Leads to Fire Pit
Exceptional Hardscapes

Exceptional Hardscapes

Our beautiful crushed oyster shell is natural, functional and not just for seaside landscapes.

As the shells are walked on or driven over, they break into smaller pieces that disperse evenly, creating a stable surface. This prevents ruts and holes you may get with crushed stone or gravel and is soft on your feet.

It also provides excellent drainage for rainwater and is ideal for commercial and residential use.

Crushed shell has become one of the most sought after landscaping materials in recent times.  

Environmentally, Sustainably and Locally Sourced

Environmentally, Sustainably and Locally Sourced

At SHELLSCAPES, our mission is to partner with oyster farms to reduce, recycle and reuse the discarded shell.

Our crushed shell is environmentally friendly, sourced from local Pacific Northwest oyster farms and sustainably harvested. 

Another benefit is its natural deterrent for many garden pests including moles and slugs.

Crushed oyster shell path with carpinus and boxwood
Delivering the Best Customer Experience

Delivering the Best Customer Experience

At SHELLSCAPES, we are committed to recycling as many shells as possible.

We supply exceptional products and services to clients.

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