My Story

My Story

My name is Mark Soboil, I was born and raised in Capetown, a beautiful seaside destination in Southern Africa. The beauty of nature was always an extension of my family home. After moving to the US and attending graduate school in New England I came to love the classic Cape Cod look of crushed seashell used on driveways and walkways.

When my family and I moved to the Puget Sound, we missed the dramatic contrast that seashells could provide against the lush Pacific Northwest landscapes.

With my background in ocean and marine science, I reached out to some oyster growers whose families have been farming in the region since the mid-1800s. With recent changes in technology and other environmental concerns, the shell was no longer being dumped back into the bays but discarded in large middens onshore.

In partnership, we decided to reduce, recycle and reuse the discarded shell and develop a locally sourced product that can be utilized on paths, patios, courtyards and driveways that complements the aesthetic landscape designs of the Pacific Northwest. This was the beginning of Shellscapes.

The Team

The Team

Lisa Cass

My name is Lisa, I am passionate about all plants, seasonal colors and creating special garden spaces. As a  landscape designer with over 20yrs experience, finding the best plant palette and tailoring the layout to meet my clients interests is always my top priortiy. As an alumini of Harvard University Lisa is trained as a PNW landscape horticulturist complimented with a Masters in landscape architrecture. "I look forward to meeting you and connecting"


Lou Rowe

My name is Lou, I grew up in Texas where it was expected to learn how to landscape and work in the garden. I developed a passion for gardening before I was ten, and continue learning to this day. Lou is completely bilingual in English and Spanish and has over 35yrs experience working and managing landscaping crews. She is highly knowledgeable with all native plants. Lou is one of only a few woman in the industry that continues to spend her time with her sleeves rolled up, managing teams, digging holes and planting new seedlings. 

Our Business Core Values

Our Business Core Values

SHELLSCAPES is a locally owned and operated company. We are one of the very few landscaping companies in the region, providing the Pacific Northwest with sustainable and high-quality crushed oyster shells. We work with local, sustainable oyster farms within the greater Seattle area.

We offer a clean and fresh alternative to traditional gravel, bark mulch or pavers. Used on pathways, driveways  and many other landscaping and hardscape projects.

At SHELLSCAPES, our mission is to partner with oyster farms to reduce, recycle and reuse the discarded shell. As a locally owned and operated Pacific Northwest company we work with local, sustainable oyster farms to bring to you environmentally sustainable crushed oyster shell.

Feel free to contact us today to discuss your landscape and hardscaping requirements